The Battle of the Eastern Solomons

The Battle of the Eastern Solomons, August 23-25, 1942

United States forces have established a toehold on Guadalcanal and have just beaten back the first Japanese land offensive on the island (Colonel Ichiki’s attack). The Japanese fleet has sailed expecting to support their victory over the American marines, but learn of the failure of the attack. A troop convoy is also sailing to reinforce their Guadalcanal garrison. Not expecting an attack, the US fleet sends carrier Wasp away for refueling. With only two carriers – the Enterprise and Saratoga – the remaining US fleet faces a larger Japanese force with two fleet carriers: Shokaku and Zuikaku, a light carrier: Ryujo, and a large surface force with 2 battleships and 8 heavy cruisers. See the Flash animation for more.

The Battle Animation

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