History Animated

Animated Maps of Military History

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good animation is worth ten thousand. After reading book after book about the Pacific War and finding only complicated maps with dotted lines and dashed lines crisscrossing the pages, we decided to depict the key naval and land battles using animation technology.
"You are going to want to share HistoryAnimated.com. The site brings to life those dashed and dotted line maps to depict key naval and land battles." School Library Journal
"The site provides a bird's eye view of Japanese and American units as they hopscotch around the great chessboard of the Pacific." World War II Magazine
"One of my favorite US history resources.......my students absolutely love the animations complete with their sound effects and marching visuals." Free Technology for Teachers
"You could read several books and never get the same of the overall battles as with these animations" Armchair General Magazine