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  • USA Weekend Magazine

    "Start Exploring"

    "Get the children excited. Let them start exploring the Civil War sites before you even hit the road. Check out to preview the battlefields."
  • School Library Journal

    "Brings to Life"

    "You’re going to want to share HistoryAnimated. The site brings to life those dashed and dotted line maps to depict key naval and land battles using graphics, text, sound, and animations."
  • Free Technology for Teachers

    "One of my favorite US History resources"

    "One of my favorite US History students absolutely loved the animations complete with their sound effects and marching visuals."
  • Teaching the Civil War with Technology

    "Something Different"

    "These animations can be used in many ways from providing students with something different than just reading about a battle to using them as discussion starters on why a battle happened the way it did."
  • WWII Magazine

    "Bird's Eye View"

    "The site provides a bird's eye view of Japanese and American military units as they hopscotch around the great chessboard of the Pacific."
  • Armchair General Magazine

    "Read Several Books and never get the same comprehension"

    "You could read several books and never get the same comprehension of the overall battles as with these animations."
Thursday the 21st. A New Look at Military History